Thursday, August 29, 2013

End of Month...

So I work as an accounts receivable rep. It is SUPER exciting work. (*drip drip dripping with sarcasm*)  Especially right now. This is end of month, so we are processing every last invoice humanly possible before we close the month books. I spend HOURS upon HOURS crunching numbers, typing invoices, calling field techs to get their paperwork in so I can repeat the process. This goes on for about 2 weeks before the month finally closes out. Tomorrow is when it closes so today and tomorrow morning are the big pushes. It is tiring. It isn't manual labor is mentally exhausting. I think the repetitiveness and the numbers and the fact that you don't move from your desk for days on is just exhausting.

Needless to say, some nights I don't want to work very hard on dinner and other nights, I don't mind putting in a little bit of effort if it means I can have some serious comfort food. Tonight....I just wanted comfort food. Being Paleo, comfort food takes on a new shape, taste, smell, whatever. All I could think of on my way home was beef stroganoff. In my mind I am imagining thick beefy sauce laced with sour cream and mushrooms and onions all poured over a big bed of egg noodles and sprinkled with fresh parsley and a little parmesan cheese. My mouth is now watering just thinking about it...again. Growing up...this was a staple in my house...and I could never get enough of it. I would eat so many helpings you would have to roll me to the couch to let me digest before I could function again. Between this and is a wonder how I managed to stay a normal sized child.

Obviously, I can't eat beefy deliciousness laced with sour cream (since I can't have dairy) and poured over a bed of egg noodles (because I don't eat grains). So what is a girl to do!? How do I go about having my comfort food...the very thing I need to get me through this difficult dreary end of month evening? Why by golly...I find someone who, in their infinite wisdom has come up with the very answers!!

Here's the thing, I love to cook and I will very often come up with something on my own or modify to make something work...but then there are times when you find a recipe and it is perfection just as it is. So here you is the super awesome comfort dinner from tonight and the links to where you can find the super awesome chefs who created the recipes. Enjoy!

Mad props from one mama to another...mad props! The boy ate 2 helpings and asked for a third and then requested this for tomorrow night's dinner as well!

Since I can't have egg noodles I poured this over top of smashed cauliflower. I have tried many recipes of mashed cauliflower in search of something that came close enough to mashed potatoes that my non-paleo eaters in the house might consider trying them. I have only ever found one recipe that could get the job done. No offense to any others out there but here is my favorite, hands down....and from what I can tell from the empty bowl, the family would agree.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!! School starts next week for the kiddos...let's see what we can come up with! :)

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