Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just as a note...

I would like to add to the post from this evening but instead of editing it I will make this a separate thought.

Last year's garden wasn't the giant success I had hoped it to be. It did well for my first year and I was able to see where I needed to improve but all in all the yield was...well...not worth the time, effort, and money put into the whole gardening thing. The experience though...priceless. Plus...I made some awesome Giardiniera with a few of my peppers. I was able to do a ton of canning of berries I bought elsewhere and I pickled my pickles and even pickled my snap peas. I recently got to open one of the Curry Pickles and YUM!!! A must try...really!

So was it a experience and the little bit of yummy food I got out of it was worth all the toil and money I put into it. Plus, this year...I am starting out with what I think is a BEAUTIFUL garden plot to work with.

Happy gardening to everyone this year!!

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