Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It is beginning....

Oh much has happened this month in the way of gardening! I wish I could remember to post more often. I am hoping I get better at this. Anyway, gosh where to start...OH starts...I actually did get them started:

I used those seed starter pots that let you just put them right in the ground instead of unpotting them. And to label the pots I used old plastic knives we had laying around from some party a million years ago and a sharpie. Not terribly sophisticated...but it got the job done. I had considered writing on the outside of the pots with the sharpie but decided not to considering they would be saturated with water a lot of the time. So far...they are doing quite well. Although, I had hoped to see more sprouts by this point but unfortunately, the sunshine has not been terribly cooperative so I am having to rely on cloudshine to get the job done for the moment. I had occasionally stuck a heating pad under them and they are close to a register for additional warmth. I am confident they will do JUST FINE. (That is me trying to convince myself that I won't have to go out and buy starts in a month or two.)

We did have one lovely sunny day that was around 60 and I was able to get out and work in the garden again to get it prepped and ready for this year a bit more. I cleaned out a few more weeds...yay. And moved the boxes around a bit to bring in some new special friends for my garden this year. I am very excited about this year's turnout for the gardening season. I will be laying down pavers to facilitate me not tracking as much mud into the house this year...I hope and bought 2 apple trees. Yes...I said that trees. Not just any ol' apple tree though. These babies grow in pots. They are called columnar apple trees and they grow up about 4-5 feet and produce apples off the main column/trunk. Here, check them out:  These guys are the best for eatable plants!

As you can see...the paver project is still a work in progress. Sadly, I can't quite count in my head well enough to buy the right amount of pavers and sand that is needed for the size of my new garden so it waits for yet another sunny day for me to fingers are crossed for this weekend. In the meantime, it is all shaping up to be a spectacular growing season here in Oregon...and in my lovely little oasis in my backyard!

I have big plans for the layout of the new garden this year...stay tuned...more to come!

Happy Gardening 2012!!!

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