Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Okay...Okay...The Garden episode

PHEW...talk about a busy few weeks. I should take this moment to inform my followers (all 2 of you) that I am TERRIBLE about keeping up with these things...so my deepest apologies for the lag between posts.  I promised I would tell you about the new garden space...so here it is, without further ado.

So the story goes like this...I have been watching my poor plants struggle in their confined spaces and swore up and down left and right that next growing season I would have a proper space for my babies to grow. I waited about a month before I lost self-control and the battle within and decided I was just going to do it...now. My breaking point?  Well someone told me about fall crops...yep...crops I could plant and grow through the fall and harvest in January! SA-WEET!!! I could grow all year long (in Oregon, spring starts in February in most years). *sigh*  It would be perfect!! Beautiful fall veg growing beautifully even in the rain! Sure...why not...I mean...this is my first attempt at growing ANYTHING...what could possibly go wrong (I guess we will see later this fall/winter)!?

It was VERY simple to build. I drew out the plan months ago, so I knew what I wanted and the space I had available.  I picked a space in the yard (the same space my veggie boxes were already sitting) that got full afternoon sun. Thought about it...looked at other raised gardens and saw how they were built and then put the plan into action.

First I cleared the grass from the area. This process, in retrospect, would've been a lot easier and a lot quicker if I had rented a good rototiller. Alas, I was determined to get a good tan and work my body a bit so...I used a pick-ax. For those thinking of coping this plan...use a rototiller...don't be stupid...it was hard...it hurt and my arms were useless for about a week. That said...I had a FABULOUS tan.  I digress....

After that I bought four 12' lengths of 8" wide 2" thick treated lumber and some wood screws. I had my sweet man help me cut the lengths...I needed 2 of the four 12' lengths cut in half, then I cut the other 2 into 3' lengths then screwed them together in the shape of "L"s.

I put them in their spots inside the fence line (stupid dog)...and filled with BEAUTIFUL organic soil. I decided, due to the horrible condition of the soil in our backyard, to start with the good stuff so I spent the extra funds and bought 24 bags of Miracle Grow Organic soil. It was great for the veg in the boxes so I figured it would do wonders for my new garden.

All in all...I think they turned out perfect. I will be moving the larger, deeper box into the middle and removing the smaller boxes once the tomato season is done and I can empty that soil into the garden for added depth. I will use the smaller box for herbs and the garden will house the rest of my plants through next season. I am in love...it is perfection and EXACTLY how I had planned it.  I love when a plan comes together.

So here are the pictures...here it is...the most perfect garden:

So there you have it...the official garden that I will occasionally discuss on this blog.


  1. I need you to come over and build me a few Pergolas... little miss handy! These are awesome. I am lucky the box I have was built by the previous home owners. I need to grow stuff I will like to eat this time...

  2. I was worried...but honestly, they really aren't all that special. Nothing doing. Actually, if you use wood that isn't treated, you can even get it cut at the store. I used some nails in some spots cuz the drill didn't work. Honest...it was pretty easy. The hardest part was how hot it was that day...we kept having to move to a more shaded area. :P

    Yes, I will be growing things next year that I like to eat better than what I did this year. That being said...I canned a lot of the things I didn't care as much for and will be using them as Christmas gifts.