Wednesday, September 28, 2011

House Plant Dilema (or a Ghost?)

Soo...I have this plant in my office (I will post a picture at another time...I forgot to take one today while at work...shush...I was busy...with work...I know...WEIRD right!?)...anyway...I had forgotten to water all of the office plants for about the last 2 weeks (I think, I'm not exactly sure how long because I have been VERY busy). Today, I finally remembered and went around with my normal jug but this one plant was literally PLUM FULL of water already.  I'm not just talking wet dirt...I am talking PUDDLE of water...the thing literally splashed water when I went to try to pour more in. (At this point, you are wondering why I would put more water in a full plant...but see, the plant is up high so I just reach up and get the picture.) since all the other plants were relatively dry...where did all this water come from!?

I am strongly considering the possibility of a ghost that has some deep connection to this particular plant but is okay with killing off the others.

My biggest dilemma at the moment is how I am going to get the plant down from its perch, into the kitchen and emptied of its excess water...clearly this is NOT a good thing for this plant to live like far as I know it is not a water plant.

I will keep you posted.

(So it wasn't about MY garden...but I am not good with house plants my clear novice approach on what to do with this will likely come out when I post the update and you learn I have spilled nasty stinky plant water with potting soil onto my office carpet....stay tuned...)

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