Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Continuing Saga...

Okay...where were we...oh yes...I was just about to tell you where I am now with my garden. Well...let's see, when we last left off I had just told you about my first cherry tomatoe.  So from there...the cherry tomatoes have done great...they have been great producers although not as good as I had hoped, not bad considering they are stuffed into a fairly shallow flower box. They continue to produce some seriously sweet little tomatoes though and I am very happy with them. The others...well...they have been, less than steller...OH...except for my son's snow peas and the lettuce greens.  It wasn't long ago I actually pulled the lettuce greens out because I couldn't get them to STOP growing...oh yes...this was an actual problem. The snow peas were basically the same. I made 4 jars of pickled snow peas and gave away 2 other batches of them and they were still coming. I have saved some and dried them for next year's crop.

Let's see...my heirloom tomatoes...well...#1 has exploded with smallish fun colored looking tomatoes but they are all still far too small and far to hard to even consider them ready, but their coloring is fun and I am looking foward to seeing them get fully ripe.
#2 has produced 2...yes, that's right 2 tomatoes and they are still green. I am encouraged by these 2 little green tomatoes though...they are perfectly round and growing nicely and I believe they will ultimately be beautiful tomatoes if they ripen before it gets too cold around here. I still have faith in them. They are late comers but I like to think maybe just ugly duckling syndrome.
#3...well..*sigh*...poor sad little #3 has gotten the short end of the stick. It has 1 tiny little green tomato on it and that just showed up in the last week or so. It has beautiful green foliage and is bigger and fuller a plant than the other 2 plants but sadly, just not producing. I am not giving up on him yet though...I can't give up on my babies....so I will wait and see.

Note though...all of these three plants were in the same box. I think...in the future, or maybe just a note to others since I likely won't use these boxes for tomatoes anymore (if you are paying attention you will see I just gave something away there)...it would be a wise idea not to put more than 2 tomato plants in one small/medium sized box with each other. I think #1 stole all the nutrients and stuff from the other two until its tomatoes came out and now the other two are trying to play catch up. Just a thought.

Um...okay...so that's the maters....the peppers...wellllll...they aren't much better than the tomatoes unfortunately. There is the green one, the purple one and the red one and then there is a spicy one of undetermined origin (if you happen to know by looking at it, please let me know). The green one has 1 pepper although it isn't looking too bad. Red has 1 that has grown and is red - it was an early show from the plant and I have come to determine that early showings are not the plant's best of show. It now has 2 new peppers on it and they are very nice, great shape and growing nicely. I expect to see them redden in by the end of the month (rough estimate...made me sound very knowledgeable though didn't it). Alas, the poor purple was one that the dog decided to decapitate in its infancy. It produced it's first of show which was a deformed weird looking thing and that is all it has ever done. I thought it was going to produce a second but the little tiny start of a pepper fell off within a day or so and shriveled up and died. Maybe next year's will be better.

Okay...what else...oh, yes...can't forget the poooooor little cucumber plant that the dog decapitated as well.  Originally I had planned to pull it out of the box all together but I just couldn't bear to do it so I left it...hoping against all hope that it might survive and come back to produce beautiful cucumbers. Much to my dismay it has grown 3 leaves and stayed at a total of 3 inches off the dirt. It had done no more and no less than that all summer........that is...until about 2 weeks ago. Two weeks ago this silly little determined plant decided it was ready to produce so it bloomed the prettiest flower I had seen yet in the garden. It was gorgeous (and of course, my dumbass didn't think to take a picture of it)...albeit...it was larger than the marjority of the rest of the plant.  Today it has what looks like 4 cucumbers starting to take shape from under those 3 lovely little green leaves (currently growing #4 leaf). It is still only 3 inches tall...but they always say never to judge a book by it's cover and that size doesn't matter. Well...I suppose if I get a cucumber from this plant...it will have proven them right. I will also likely keep seeds from it since it is CLEARLY the hardiest thing in my garden at this point.
Okay...so that is how the garden grows. Well...my garden at the moment anyway.  I am going to break this up into two separate posts tonight. I hate when blogs get too long and I do want to show my new garden off...although, I feel like I won't have much to say for a little while....not much to say about watching plants grow. ;o)

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