Wednesday, April 18, 2012

YAY for Spring!!

So last weekend was a beautiful gardening weekend here in "sunny" Oregon. We had perfect weather for being out and about and playing in the dirt. I finally had some time to put work on some projects. I decided this year to really try my hand at some flowers since I had bought flower boxes at an end of the summer garage sale. I painted hem to match the trim of the house and filled them with clematis and other things...honestly, I have no idea what is in them...they are pretty, that is all I care about. I also cleaned up all my other planters and put in some new perennials so that hopefully, if I can keep them somewhat alive this year...they will come back all on their own next spring. *fingers crossed*  All I can hope is that as the growing season continues, they will grow and flower and fill the front area beautifully.  Again *fingers crossed*

While at dinner on Saturday evening I got to talking with a local bartender who is also a gardener and I told him I was attempting my second year of growing. We started talking about pests and I told him my greatest issue last year were the slugs. OH those disgusting slimy things. Sadly...although you can kill them with will also kill any plants that may be close by. This wonderful bartender informed me that you can use copper as a type of barrier. Much like salt, the copper reacts to their slim and they refuse to go near it. SO, DUH...I purchased a TON of copper tape!! Do I look crazy!? I lined the tops of the planters in the front and I lined my garden beds out back. This year...I will have control!!! I also laid pavers in the garden to help ease the growth of weeds and my tracking of mud through the house.

So there it is, my full gardening weekend. When the rain subsides again for another weekend day, I hope to plant a few select seeds, corn, radishes, carrots in hopes of getting them started. I may even see if I can get the beans started a little early so I can do 2 crops. I will also be putting up the wire mesh walls that the beans and tomatoes will grow up this year. Stay tuned!! :)

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